Why is investing necessary?

Why is investing necessary?

Investing your money is what working out is to your body – both ensure fitness, discipline and endurance in the long run. Investment basically means setting aside a sum of money into a financial instrument so that after a certain period of time, the money will earn you an interest and grow.
What you read above is just the tip of the iceberg; the universe of investing is mammoth-sized. Most of us often get weighed down by the common myths about investing, especially before we start. While some myths are born out of unawareness; others are due to sheer ignorance. So, let’s crack the most common myths about investing right here:

Myth: You have to have Einstein’s brains to invest

Fact: Investing is a process that can be learnt over time

Just like you need not be a bodybuilder to start working out, you don’t need to be an Einstein prodigy to start investing. You just need to start simple. Make it a regular habit to set aside a small amount; decide the financial instrument that you wish to invest in, for which you could take help from a financial advisor and finally, instill discipline – to spend only what is left after investing.

Myth: You need a plump bank account to start investing

Fact: You can start investing with as little as you have in hand

Do you ever workout for 10 hours at a go? Obviously not. Similarly, investing too can be done by taking small steps. Just take your pocket money for instance here. Spare 30-50% of your pocket money every month till you have accumulated the minimum investible amount of say Rs. 500 or Rs. 1,000 and then, start investing!

Myth: It’s very risky

Fact: Do your homework to invest smartly

While crash diets can be luring, more often than not, they are known to backfire. True effort goes a long way. While investing also, calculated steps and research could help you evade the ‘risks’ associated with investing. Investment in the market sure carries risk, but there are ways to mitigate that risk and not every instrument is as risky as the other.
Fitness and prosperity – both require discipline. The fruit of effort can only be experienced with time. And thus, to understand the potential of the market, you have to dip your feet and experience it for yourself. In today’s world, investing is a must. With costs of living touching the sky, just earning an income may not be enough to make ends meet.
Let’s understand some basic reasons why you must invest your money:

  • • Because money needs some help to grow

    You would have never heard of anyone developing a toned physique sitting at home; fitness is a process. Similarly, your idle money will never grow unless invested. That is why we have financial instruments which work on your money, earn you interest and help it grow.

  • • To maintain your financial health, even after 30 years

    There is a reason why parents inculcate healthy habits in their children, early on. Because fitness – whether physical or financial is achieved over a period of time. And likewise, however big your goal may be if you start planning and investing early, you could fulfil them. Just invest correct and start early.

  • • To beat the junk - inflation

    Junk food is often the pitfall in our fitness process. And when it comes to money, the ‘junk food’ is inflation – it slowly eats into your savings and erodes it with time. While your salary may keep increasing, it may not be sufficient to counter inflation. Your money needs the additional push to grow. Investing in the equity markets, especially over the long term could help you earn relatively higher returns than the rate of inflation.
    The route to being financially fit is easy - all you have to do is know your basics and take the right steps. Discipline is the key and your goal is the beacon. Don’t be afraid to dream of goals, be it a fit body or the fitness of your money - just make sure you start early, be regular and never stop!

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