CEO Speak

Kailash Kulkarni

Is the housewife next door putting her savings in mutual funds? Or is that elderly gentleman whom I greet every day in the elevator investing even a part of his retirement fund kitty into mutual funds? Is the shop keeper of the flourishing kirana store at the corner investing in mutual funds? While I would have loved a “Yes” to all the above questions, the chance of a “No” appears to be still high.


Wimbledon 2018

Match winning tips for investors.

Strategies according to changing conditions. While this may seem contradictory to common logic, in investing it is absolutely critical. Players change their style – aggressive on grass, medium on hard to conservative on clay. So is with your investments, where choosing the right kind of funds can help you meet different goals based on risk and time. Right equipment makes all the difference. A good racquet, a good pair of shoes, good sportswear and above all skill, help a player ace the game.


Investment Basics

Reviewing your mutual fund portfolio

One of the most important tasks in managing your financial or physical health is monitoring the progress. If after one month of working out and following a healthy diet, the results are not seen, then you may have to revisit your regime. Whatever plan you chalk out, you need to review it regularly to ensure that it aligns with your goal. Similar is the case with your investments. Track your investment with a regular report card of its performance, alignment with your goals and long term objective.


Distributor Corner

RBI rate hike and the changes to come

India's Monetary policy Committee (MPC) voted 6-0 to hike policy rates by 25bps at today's review, taking the Repo Rate to 6.25%. Interestingly, however, the RBI did not formally tighten its monetary policy stance from "neutral" to a "withdrawal of accommodation" as had been expected and hinted at in the April MPC minutes. Inflation forecast for H2 FY19 was hiked by a somewhat lower than expected 30 bps from 4.4% to 4.7%, while growth projection was retained at 7.4% for FY19.


Fund of the month

Score three big hits for your portfolio.

Presenting three funds that can take advantage of long-term growth opportunities. Every smart investor knows that equity as an asset class is the true blue wealth creator for any portfolio over the long term. But how do you identify the right equity investments for your portfolio? The key would be to look for stocks that are not only trading below their intrinsic value but also have the potential to deliver superior returns over time.


Did You Know?

Mutual funds' asset base surges 20% to Rs 23.4 trillion in Apr-Jun quarter

Mutual funds' asset base rose to Rs 23.40 trillion in April-June quarter, a 20% surge from the year-ago period driven by participation from retail investors and a spirited investor awareness campaign by the industry. The asset base of the industry, comprising 42 players, was Rs 23.05 trillion in the preceding quarter, showing a growth of just 1.5% on quarterly basis, according to the data by Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi).


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.