In a recent interview with Wealth Forum, Mr Ankur Thakore, Chief Distribution Officer, L&T Mutual Fund talks about the recently launched Child’s Education Planning Calculator.

What consumer insights led you to create the new Child’s Education Calculator?

Ankur Thakore: Today, education for kids is a critical goal that our customers look at when planning for their kids’ future, and hence driving their need to invest. With both domestic and international curriculum available, it is difficult for parents to understand what is the approximate amount needed if they were to choose either option. Though most parents prioritize saving and investing for their child’s education, they often miss on starting early and frequently end up with inadequate funds. The Child’s Education Calculator is an exhaustive tool that helps to bridge this gap and facilitate parents to plan better.

Can you take us through the contours of your new Child’s Education Calculator? How is it different from other financial planning calculators in the market?

Ankur Thakore: Our Child’s Education Calculator is focused on better understanding of the amount parents need to save for their children in any of the mainstream careers, for both domestic and international education. Most calculators look at parents being aware of what the current cost for any stream of education today, and on that basis arrive at the value of SIP or lump sum they would need today to reach their goal.


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